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Propane Tank By Woods

Wireless Tank Monitors

Landmark offers a wireless tank monitoring system to electronically transmit the tank level at our propane tank and schedules deliveries.

The monitor attaches to your tank and regularly transmits the tank percentage over the cloud. Once your tank reaches a predetermined point, we'll schedule your delivery. A monitoring fee may apply with this service.


Propane Tank Installation

We are here to help you through the process of installing a propane tank at your home or business.

We will will perform a site survey at your location to help you choose the best location to place your tank and the correct tank size.


Cylinder Exchange

Save you TIME & MONEY by coming to your facility to exchange your tanks or we can also pick up, fill and return your own tanks.


High Grade Propane

HD-5 is the highest-grade propane available to consumers in the United States. Our propane is sourced from only the purest high-quality HD-5 propane, ensuring more-consistent performance, no matter what your end-use application

What does HD-5 propane mean in terms of specification to an ordinary consumer? It means that the propane is suitable and recommended for engine fuel use, which was the original purpose of the HD5 grade propane specification.